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The Atlas V3 is the culmination of more than two years of real world testing and abuse by some of the worlds best and most aggressive Freestyle pilots. This kit has truly been put through the ringers beginning with the very first rendition, the Atlas V1 and every piece of feedback was taken into consideration. This is what makes KINfpv frames stand out from the rest, feedback is welcomed and applied in realtime to ensure the highest quality product available.


Since we believe in and stand behind our products, we offer a 3 year warranty on all carbon parts. If you happen to hit a concrete wall doing mach 10 and manage to break something, we’ve got you. Simply pay shipping and we will send you a replacement part.


Designed for the Caddx Vista, DJI Digital systems, HDZERO Digital systems as well as analog, this kit opens the doors for those who want to start out with an analog system with the possibility of a digital upgrade in the future.


Every 3D print in this kit has been carefully designed and meticulously refined to ensure maximum protection of your investment.  Some of the newest design improvements include, but are not limited to; V3 arm guards, top plate XT60 cable exit with feedthrough bushing, rear mount TBS Tracer antenna mounts, multifunctional FPV camera mount, fully adjustable and interchangeable action camera mounting, 3 bolt lock quick swap arms independent from the stack bolts, and much more! See below for detailed information.




Wheel Base 225mm

Fits up to 5.2” Props

30x30 & 20x20 M3 Stack Mounting Pattern In Center

20x20 M2 Mounting Pattern In Rear

Caddx Vista Ready (Rear Mounting)

DJI Air Unit (with optional air unit upper base plate)

Analog FPV compatible (Up to Mini Size Cams)

12.9 Grade M3 Bolts and Nuts

Anticorrosive Press Nuts

16x16mm to 22x22mm Motor Mount Pattern

3mm Lower Base Plate (Carbon) (Or Optional 2mm Titanium Lower Base Plate)

3mm Upper Base Plate

2mm Top Plate

6mm Arms

6mm Center Compression Plate

Revolutionary 3 Bolt Quick Swap Arms Which Are Completely Independent From the Stack Bolts


Frame And Hardware Weight

Carbon (Vista) - 124.3g

Carbon (Vista) with center compression plate - 133.3g

Titanium (Vista) -

Titanium (Vista) with center compression plate -

Carbon (DJI) -

Carbon (DJI) with center compression plate -

Titanium (DJI) -

Titanium (DJI) with center compression plate -

Package Includes:

12.9 Grade Hardware Included:

M3 x 20mm Button Head Screw (4)

M3 x 14mm Button Head Screw (14)

M3 x 12mm Button Head Screw (8)

M3 x 10mm Button Head Screw (16) (Motor screws...that’s right, we’ve included these for your convenience)

M3 x 8mm Button Head Screw (8)

M3 Hex Nut (4)

M3 Hex Lock Nut (4)

M2 x 20mm Socket Cap Screws (4) (Caddx Vista Mounting)

M2 Hex Lock Nut (4) (Caddx Vista Mounting)

M3-2 Press Nut (16)

M3 x 20mm Knurled Aluminum Standoffs (4)

M3 x 28mm Knurled Aluminum Standoffs (4)

Arms x4

Lower Base Plate x1

Upper Base Plate x1

Top Plate x1

Innovative Multi-functional FPV Camera Mount Plates x2 - (3D Printed Inserts included) (Multiple mounting options for various available FPV cameras)

Front protective bumper (countersunk mounting bolt holes to protect those bolt heads from wear) Ultra Protective V3 Arm Guards (Independent from the motor bolts...yep, no more fiddling with the arm guards when replacing motors. Eliminates the possibility of motor bolts coming loose by allowing for maximum torque between the motors, carbon and mounting bolts.

Analog SMA antenna mount

Caddx Vista antenna mount

Immortal T antenna mount set

Top plate XT60 cable bushing

Fully adjustable action camera mounting bases (Left and Right)

***EFFECTIVE MAY 30, 2022, THE UPPER BASE PLATE WILL NO LONGER BE OFFERED IN TITANIUM...The lower base plate will now be offered in titanium.***

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